Marketplace Currency

Your earthly currency of materialism, prestige, popularity, accomplishment, acclaim - the list goes on - is no good in the marketplace of happiness, joy, significance, and meaning.

Sheltered from Wrath

Honor the Son as your refuge, trusting in Him as your place of safety, and you will have abounding joy as He shelters you from God's consuming displeasure against your sins.

Fully Known, Yet Fully Loved

Reflecting upon this with imaginative variation, in hopes to discern its depth, I find this love unfathomable and uncomfortably consoling - the very reality my soul needs most.

4 Songs to Build a Happy Home

A happy home is built upon the knowledge and trust that God, the Great Warrior in Heaven, is fighting our battles - not just the “big” ones, but all of them.

A Happy Home and Happy Generations

The happy home is a place where young children are taught to make the LORD their God, where young children are strong in the Lord, where young children are consecrated to the Lord.

A Happy Home: The Master’s Workshop

We want to make it easy for our families and our children to love God and be inspired toward Him - no roadblocks or speed bumps in loving God.

Harmony is Beautiful

The misplaced note disrupts the beautiful flow and feel and message of the piece.  Sour notes distract and deter, not enhance and embellish.

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